Friday, February 10, 2012

whew, it's been a while since I've last posted!  This last month has been busy, busy, busy around here!  We've had lots of company and more is coming :)  Love this time of year!
I'm still keeping up on my photo-a-day project.  I think I have only missed taking a picture one day so far.  A lot of the pictures from the last two weeks were taken with my cell phone, so the quality is pretty poor, but they are better than nothing!  And they work just fine for this project.

 It sure was fun having Andrea here!  But the six days she was here flew by way to fast!  Hopefully she makes this an annual trip like she says she wants to! 
 With lots of company tho, comes lots of cleaning....And it really does feel good!  We had our carpets cleaned this week so I had furniture all over my kitchen and family room for a few days.  We used zerorez,  and they sure cleaned it up good!  I also had them clean my 11 year old lazy boy that was in desperate need of it.  And while it didn't clean up to look new again, it sure looks nice compared to what it was! 
Trina and Taryn were having a ball running around the next day in the booties that they gave us...

At what age do you others start letting your kids do some baking/cooking?  Lindsey has been begging me to let her make cookies, and I was just dreading it.  But then I realized that I had bought this sugar cookie mix from costco at Christmas time, so I thought, how hard could it be?  I helped her make one batch, and the next day I let her and Kierstyn do them on their own with little help from me.  But I told her that baking also includes doing all the dishes.  She did them!  And the cookies were good :)  I just need to relax a little I think, and have her start doing more in the kitchen!  How else are they going to learn? 

Could my baby be teething already??  He is almost 3 months.  He has been drooling like mad this last week,  sucking on his fingers and has been kind of high maintenance.  Toni sure has the magic touch tho to get him to settle down!  

Have a good weekend everyone!  It'll be a busy one here!