Thursday, January 26, 2012

I had a fun photo session with the Simonsons last Sunday at DC Ranch.  I know some of you may have already seen the pictures on Facebook, but thought I'd post some here as well.  It was a bit challenging trying to arrange 20 people when they are all pretty much the same height, but we managed!  I have photographed several of their kids weddings, and they are always so much fun!

And the whole gang...

In other news, my company arrived last night, and we stayed up far too late last night visiting!  So much fun to have Andrea here...but now, I don't think she is having all that much fun today.  She left Seattle with sick kids at home and woke up herself today with the pukes!  No fun at all!  She went to lay down around 4:00 today, and I don't think she will drag herself out of there until tomorrow morning!  I sure hope she wakes up feeling better!  What a drag to be sick, but especially on vacation!

And couldn't resist this picture of Trina tonight...totally into her Archie comic!

and this one of Dustyn from the other day...they make me smile :)

I think I am going to wrap up early tonight too...


Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Today was one of those days where I would have loved to sleep in till noon!  But with a doctor appointment for Dustyn, that wasn't possible.  It was a busy long weekend with many late nights, and I need to do some catch-up in the sleep department before more company comes tomorrow night.   I have a feeling that we won't be tucking in early from tomorrow until next Tuesday! 

Isn't this little buddy just the cutest?!

Today was his two month well-child visit.  He is in the 90th % for height and weight!  Topping the charts at 13 lbs 14 ozs! He's my big boy :)

Hope you all are having a great Tuesday!  I'm going to put the kids down for naps, then try to get some chores done around here...we're lacking in that department lately too!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Well, I'm on a roll with my picture~a~day project!  I got week three done :)  So far it hasn't been hard getting the pictures taken, so I really hope I can keep it up.  I may not always have my camera with me, but my phone pictures are just fine for this project!  This week looks to be all about Taryn :)

It's a lazy Sunday around here.  Frans and two kids are napping.  Girls have friends over and are busy on the Wii.  I got a phone call in to a friend and now some computer catch up time and maybe a nap before a photo session in a few hours...or maybe instead of the nap, I'll go outside and enjoy the weather with my book!

Friday, January 20, 2012

Good Morning!

Forget breakfast...let the games begin!

And how could a person wake up grumpy with this little guy cooing away at them?  (Not really grumpy, but just wishing I could crawl back under the sheets for an hour.  or two.)

We had a great time with some of the family last night out to eat and then to mom and dad's for coffee.  Love when we have out of town family come to visit!  Please excuse the poor poor quality of the picture...

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

First things first....huge congrats to my sister Kendra and Paul on the birth of their BIG baby boy!  He was born last night, and was 9lbs 14 oz!  Wish I was closer so I could snuggle that little man!
picture stolen off Pauls Blog... Isn't he darling?!

I have been wanting to do a wall in my house that I can display the kids art work when they bring it home from school for a long time.  Well, I finally did something!  I had tons of frames just sitting in my garage, so I bought some spray paint, and got busy painting them!  They won't all hold you can see I have a clock in one, and a picture in another one.  But that's ok.  And it's not exactly what I had pictured in my head, but I think it turned out ok.  What do you think?  Is it ugly?  Does it need something else?  Obviously all the frames aren't filled yet...but they will be.
( and this is why I hate decorating...after going to my sisters house last night, I wish I would have done them all in different shades of white.  She is a white person!  We'll see how long it is before I buy more spray paint and redo them all ;) )

I got this canvas idea from a blog I follow,  and thought it was so cute.  I used WA state because that is the first place that Frans told me he loved me :) (that, and it still kind of feels like 'home' to me!)  I just printed out an outline of the state onto photo paper, spray painted the canvas, and then mod podged the picture on.

Maybe I need some kind of vinyl wall saying above the collage?  Or should I take the canvas out of the collage and just leave it with frames?  critique please...

that's it for now...

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

good food, good fun...
(just don't order the chicken...get the chocolate cake instead!)

we went out to dinner at claim jumpers on suday night with Jari, Anita and Ronda, then ended the evening with a game of settlers!  you'll always have a good time with these three :)

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Welcome to my new blog!  This is going to be a blog about our crazy life and all our doings :)  I'm hoping to start blogging more often than I did on our 2remember studio check back often!  

I am once again going to attempt my picture~a~day project this year!  I didn't succeed last year, but I did keep it up through May!  Here are the first two weeks completed, and ready for printing!  How many of you out there are doing this?  I have to mark on the calendar each day what picture I took that day.  That way, if I get behind, it won't be a big guessing game trying to figure out which picture belongs to which day. It's an awesome way to capture all the little things!

The next two weeks are going to be packed with fun around here.  My sister Amber and her husband flew in tonight from Seattle and will be here for a week.  Then right after they leave, my friend Andrea from Seattle is coming for almost a week!  On the agenda is White Chocolate Grill, a family couples night, massages, Last chance shopping, ladies coffee's gonna be great!  Seattle is getting buried in snow, so they picked the perfect time to come!  Lots of sunshine for them here :)

Enjoy your wednesday!