Friday, March 2, 2012

Between working at Seniors camp, several work days out at the church for the hubby, having company, services, a few photo shoots, a sick baby, and visiting out of town company, I feel like the month of February just flew by!  I have lots of pictures to edit, and a wedding on Saturday, but then I am hoping that life slows down just a little! I am a little behind on my 'picture~a~day project, but not so far behind yet that I feel like giving it up!  Here are my pages for week 6 & 7...

And a few pictures that highlight the last few weeks around here...

Taryn 'helping' me make caramel rolls....caught in the sugar bowl!  My first time making them on my own, and they turned out great!  Sorry, no pictures!

Out to eat with the in~laws... 
I keep hearing about the ribs at the white chocolate grill, so I tried them this time.  I still say that the balsamic ribeye is better!

Squeezed in Dustyn's baptism while Reino and Diane were here so Reino could baptize him.  Both sets of godparents are from out of town, so my mom held him.

Four generations!

Love this picture of grandma with Dustyn!

Lots more pictures to share, but will save them for another day, as housework is calling me!


  1. should give grandma a copy of the 4 generations, and one of her holding Dustyn. mom

  2. Cute pictures of grandma and dustyn! and again, fun pages. Kendra