Thursday, January 19, 2012

First things first....huge congrats to my sister Kendra and Paul on the birth of their BIG baby boy!  He was born last night, and was 9lbs 14 oz!  Wish I was closer so I could snuggle that little man!
picture stolen off Pauls Blog... Isn't he darling?!

I have been wanting to do a wall in my house that I can display the kids art work when they bring it home from school for a long time.  Well, I finally did something!  I had tons of frames just sitting in my garage, so I bought some spray paint, and got busy painting them!  They won't all hold you can see I have a clock in one, and a picture in another one.  But that's ok.  And it's not exactly what I had pictured in my head, but I think it turned out ok.  What do you think?  Is it ugly?  Does it need something else?  Obviously all the frames aren't filled yet...but they will be.
( and this is why I hate decorating...after going to my sisters house last night, I wish I would have done them all in different shades of white.  She is a white person!  We'll see how long it is before I buy more spray paint and redo them all ;) )

I got this canvas idea from a blog I follow,  and thought it was so cute.  I used WA state because that is the first place that Frans told me he loved me :) (that, and it still kind of feels like 'home' to me!)  I just printed out an outline of the state onto photo paper, spray painted the canvas, and then mod podged the picture on.

Maybe I need some kind of vinyl wall saying above the collage?  Or should I take the canvas out of the collage and just leave it with frames?  critique please...

that's it for now...


  1. i like the mixture of pieces!
    i'm no expert by any means, but I feel like more is better, so i'd say add height to your wall collage as time goes by (its hard to see how big your wall is). Or choose one center piece, like the clock or canvas, and stagger everything else around.

  2. I like the canvas in there, too. I would replace the clock with more artwork or even throw a photo in. You have to go with colors you love; I see a lovely green, black and brown. Build on those colors with accent furniture, pillows, etc. and you will get a cohesive look. Adorable!

  3. Should have said "another photo" - for balance.