Thursday, January 26, 2012

I had a fun photo session with the Simonsons last Sunday at DC Ranch.  I know some of you may have already seen the pictures on Facebook, but thought I'd post some here as well.  It was a bit challenging trying to arrange 20 people when they are all pretty much the same height, but we managed!  I have photographed several of their kids weddings, and they are always so much fun!

And the whole gang...

In other news, my company arrived last night, and we stayed up far too late last night visiting!  So much fun to have Andrea here...but now, I don't think she is having all that much fun today.  She left Seattle with sick kids at home and woke up herself today with the pukes!  No fun at all!  She went to lay down around 4:00 today, and I don't think she will drag herself out of there until tomorrow morning!  I sure hope she wakes up feeling better!  What a drag to be sick, but especially on vacation!

And couldn't resist this picture of Trina tonight...totally into her Archie comic!

and this one of Dustyn from the other day...they make me smile :)

I think I am going to wrap up early tonight too...


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  1. Such a fun family to have a photo shoot with! Your pictures of them are awesome!